The Suazo Center helps students obtain funding through traditional lending institutions such as banks and credit unions. In addition, the Suazo Center business advisers can help students apply for UMLF, pitch competitions, and other alternative funding sources. In some cases, students may not qualify or may not wish to pursue the above options. Therefore, the Suazo Center has created a small loan fund to address the needs of our students. Suazo Center business advisers can help students determine which sources they wish to pursue.

  • Applicant must be a Suazo Center Student.
  • They must have completed at least one class at the Suazo Center. One-time seminars do not count.
  • Fill out a business summary form (link below)
  • The summary must also include12 monthcash flow projection. Applicant can work with a Suazo CenterAdivserfor help with this step
  • If the summary is accepted, student will be given Loan Application form
  • Student gives 5-10 minute business pitch before the Suazo Center Loan Committee
  • If approved, funds are dispersed within one week

First time Suazo Center loans are given for $5,000. Students who repay the first loan are eligible to apply for higher loan amounts in the future. No credit checks are performed. Student business information and class attendance determine approval.