Our main motivation is to help you build successful businesses!

Here are just a few examples of our great entrepreneurs! We have helped a lot of businesses and we want to share their stories! They motivate, inspire and push us to do our best.

Armando Canales

La Única Market & Bakery

3510 South 4400 West
West Valley, UT 84120

The consistency and dedication were his panacea. After Armando Canales suffered from a stroke, his motor skills became weak and they were similar of a two-year-old boy. He discovered that the action of molding bread was his best therapy, and little by little he regained strength in his body.

“As soon as I could move my body I began to make bread, it helped me exercise my hands and arms; and also I could collaborate economically with my family, although it was not much, “says Canales.

His first investment was 20 US dollars, with that amount he started selling handmade bread from door to door. “My business grew up little by little. I saved money and bought more machinery for my business, but I didn’t have any knowledge about business administration. My friend recommended to go to the Suazo Center and with their help, I opened my bakery ‘La Única’ “.

Thanks to the Suazo Center, Canales has now implemented the Express Service and deliver bread through FedEx. His product reaches states like California, Idaho, Arizona, Nebraska, Minnesota and New York allowing him to have an income where he can provide for his family and create jobs in his community.

Elizabeth Araujo

The Coffee Links

287 Park Blvd
Ogden, UT 84401


Elizabeth and her husband León Araujo decided to invest in a ‘folkloric’ cafeteria, inspired by Europe and Mexico life.

The Suazo Center helped them to start the Coffee shop and to continue their growth they came back to improve their management skills in some aspects of their business.

“We didn’t have good business projections and didn’t know how to manage our money efficiently. The courses helped us to fill up the gap. Also, the counseling sessions were really helpful”, recounts Elizabeth.

The couple is happy with the results they obtained from the training and business counseling at the Suazo Center. Now they feel confident that Coffee Links will stay in business providing high standards of service, food and coffee.

Mónica Porras

M.B. Cleaning Services


Motivated by her seven children, two of them diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, Monica Porras decided to enroll in the Suazo Center business programs. After separating from her first husband, losing custody of her children, and being a victim of workplace harassment, she decided to prepare herself and show that there are no obstacles if you have the will to fight for a better future.

“The road is not easy. I suffered a lot in the journey. More than ten years have passed, but having my children back was my drive/motivation. The key was studying at the Suazo Center. I improved my English skills and visualized myself with a business of my own. In the center, I felt accepted, safe, and fearless/unafraid. They helped me achieve my goals.”

After working for several years for other companies, Porras currently owns two companies: Guaranteed Cleaning Services; Monica’s Enterprises (Trademark of Maid Right of Utah); and MB Commercial Cleaning. Currently, she has two business partners. In addition, she plans to support more people in the community and have at least ten employees by 2019.

Juan Carlos Cardona

JCC Landscaping


When recounting his beginnings at the Suazo Center, Juan Carlos said his biggest challenge was the lack of education and knowledge of how to establish a business.

A friend recommended that he should take the training at the Suazo Center and that was where his plans to become an entrepreneur took shape. He enrolled in the business plan development course, among other classes, which included personal finance, sales, leadership, and other business concepts.

He said that the business advisers at the Suazo Center were the key in helping him acquire his business license to do landscaping and continue to be a successful business owner.

“I always thought, if others can do it, why can’t I. I just needed some help. Without the Suazo Center, I couldn’t have created my company.”

Aracelly Villegas 

Novedades Lucy, LCC

1034 South State St. 
Orem, Utah

Art and feminine power are always present in the Suazo Center. Aracely Villegas from Jalisco, Mexico, is synonymous of it. Her store ‘Novedades Lucy’, for events such as baptisms, quinceañeras, birthdays and weddings; shines with its own light.

Villegas decided in 2006 to start producing manual decorations for parties since she suffered from depression and needed a distraction. This activity helped her overcome the disease and move forward with her artistic passion from the comfort of her home.

Over the years, her business gained space in the Utah market, so she decided to move to a location where she could expand the services. She started importing dresses from Mexico and Miami. “My small project began to grow up little by little, I started selling shoes and dresses for all kinds of occasions; however, I could not stop thinking about failure. I needed to learn more about business administration. One day I saw the commercial of the Suazo Center on television, I contacted inmidiatly, “says Villegas.

She registered in the “Business Startup” program and learned about personal finances, how to calculate his balance point, and other important concepts in the business world.

Currently, Novedades Lucy is stronger than ever. “Thanks to the Suazo Center I understand how important it is to know about various administrative concepts that I did not understand before or even know existed, “explain Villegas.