Rocío Galarde, a determined woman, fighter and entrepreneur, arrived from Mexico 25 years ago. Together with her husband, she decided to move to Utah to look for a better future for her two daughters. Upon arrival, he had to work in different industries, including cleaning. She worked doing cleaning for offices in the Salt Lake area, as an employee of a well-known company; until “accidentally” a friend left her in charge of cleaning three houses.

“My friend retired and urged me to take her place. The compliments of the clients motivated me much more and I decided to create some flyers promoting my services, the same ones that I placed in the restaurant where I still work. That’s how I started having my own clients and stopped working for the other cleaning company, “says Rocío.

Remember that he did not spend a week promoting his business and he already had 10 more houses to clean. Her husband and daughters had to help her in the first months. He currently has four people and is planning to hire one more.

He was able to register his business a year ago through the advice he took at the Suazo Business Center. “I was for several years without knowing how to register my business, and I never gave myself the time to seek help, until a friend recommended the center. They explained the steps to follow and I was able to achieve it, “he says.

Now, Rocío belongs to the family of the Suazo Business Center, providing her cleaning service a year ago. The center is one of its 25 clients, and plans to continue educating to cover a larger market in the Salt Lake Valley.